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Elvis Andrus slugs a three-run homer to put the Rangers up 7-1. He would hit his second home run of the game in the fourth inning.  If he would have hit only seven more, his team would have won.


On opening day, the Rangers were beating Cleveland 5-1 after four innings. They lost 8-5.

Two days later, the Rangers were up 5-3 in the fifth over Cleveland. They lost 9-6.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, it got way worse.

The Rangers bullpen collapsed again against Cleveland. Texas blew a 9-2 lead, losing 15-9. The bullpen’s generosity started in the fifth, when Dario Alverez, who is notorious for squandering the wealth he inherits, came into the game with bases loaded and one out. Once again, he graciously allowed all three runs to score, then stuck Cole Hamels’s ERA with the bill.

Tanner Dyson-Scheppers gave up three runs without getting an out. For that, he earned the loss. Alex Claudio gave up two more runs. And not to be left out, newcomer Preston Claiborne gave up three runs himself.

Texas’s bullpen has generously helped Houston, New York, and now Cleveland each win their fortieth games of the season.

A team that scores nine runs should win. Plain and simple.

While nobody would have expected the Rangers to fall this flat on their faces, going to their unreliable bullpen early was to be expected. After all, Cole Hamels was making his first start back after two months on the DL. He wasn’t going to be allowed to go past five.

He got to 4.1.

His bullpen took it from there. Took it away, that is.


Tyson Ross (1-1, 9.35) vs. Mike Clevenger (3-3, 3.86)
Game time: 6:10

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