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Aceworthy: The Rangers have now won eight straight games in which Cole Hamels has pitched.

Aceworthy: The Rangers have now won eight straight games in which Cole Hamels has pitched.


The rules for Comeback Player of the Year vaguely state that the player had to have “re-emerged on the baseball field.” The award has been given since 1965, but it wasn’t “official” until 2005, when MLB got a sponsor to cover the costs. Viagra.

Most baseball experts are saying the Rangers have two players in line for Comeback Player of the Year votes—Prince Fielder and Mitch Moreland.

By my way of thinking, they have two more.

Shin-Soo Choo and Elvis Andrus.

The conventional wisdom has the award given to a player who dropped off the face of the earth the previous season, almost always due to injury. But why not a player who came back during the season?

In 2015, Elvis Andrus’s career has come back from two seasons of irrelevance, two seasons of having articles written about him like, “The Rangers are stuck with Elvis Andrus and have to figure out a way to fix him,” and “Stats say Elvis Andrus is the worst shortstop in baseball,” and “Is Elvis Andrus still valuable?”

Also in 2015, Shin Soo Choo’s career came back from the dead after the first six weeks of the season, which followed the last five months of last season.

At the end of April, Choo was hitting .096. To put that in terms you and I can understand, he was hitting just ninety-eight points higher than any one of us would have hit had we have played. He had just five hits in the entire month of April. So few, in fact, he could have named them.

But after yesterday’s 8-1 win over Oakland, Choo’s batting average has risen to .270.

And after two seasons of a better disappearing act than Houdini, Elvis Andrus is back to hitter he was when Jon Daniels overpaid him.

So now the Rangers go to Houston for three games, up three-and-a-half, having swept Oakland in Oakland.

The team came back from the dead, because four Rangers have a legitimate shot at Comeback Player of the Year Award.

I’d make it five.

Throw in the General Manager.