Dahl dialing it in.

David Dahl is finding his rhythm at the plate. And that is a good thing.

After a slow start, Dahl has his batting average up to .350 and his OPS up to .890. The numbers aren’t important. But what is important is that he is once again making contact. And that breeds confidence. And confidence breeds base hits. And base hits breeds runs and wins. And all three were something the Rangers lacked last year.

Dahl may have been the smartest free agent signing the Rangers made this offseason. The Rockies surprisingly cut him so they didn’t have to take him through arbitration. This, after one bad season. Yes, it was really bad. But it was 2020. Nothing good happened that year. Perhaps you remember it?

Dahl’s problem is staying on the field. He sneezes and ends up in the IL for weeks. But if he can stay healthy—and that is a big if—he will hit.

He is coming off shoulder surgery, which explains his slow start and the Rangers reluctance to have him play in the field. But he’s been playing left field lately. He’s hitting lately. 

It looks like the Rangers found two things they haven’t had in years. A left fielder. And someone who can make regular contact.

Fingers crossed he doesn’t miss a year of the season from breathing too hard.