Davis’s bat is waking up.

Ranger Rounding 3rd: Khris Davis hits the first of two home runs to lead the Rangers to victory.

Don’t write off Khris Davis just yet. His bat is finding the ball. And when that happens, the ball goes over the wall.

In Davis, the Rangers traded for more of the same. Home run or bust. The DH and sometimes left fielder is just thirty-three. And having him on the Rangers is better than having him kill the Rangers as he so often did when he played against the Rangers.

Davis hit 15 percent of his home runs against one team: Texas. That’s 32 of his 218 home runs.

He might have been on the verge of being released. Then two things happened. Willie Calhoun got injured. And Davis started producing.

Last night he went 3-for-4 with two home runs and four runs batted in. 

He is never going to hit for average. In fact, he had the distinction of batting .247 four seasons in a row, all the while putting up forty or more home runs and driving in more than one hundred runs. He is another Joey Gallo.

If the Rangers could get something closer to what he did in Oakland, it would be great. It was just two seasons ago that he led all of baseball with 48 home runs.

So, yesterday was a good day for Khris Davis. And for the Rangers.