Darvish owns Detroit. 40 comments

Pete Kozma connects for his first home run since 2013.


Coming into last night’s game, Yu Darvish had started against the Tigers six times. He was 6-0. No loses. Not even a no-decision.

Even more impressive, but not his doing, is the fact that the Rangers averaged seven runs a game in his starts.

So, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Darvish would dominate and the Rangers would score a ton. Which is exactly what didn’t happened.

Darvish struggled through five innings and the Rangers were barely able to eke out five runs in spite of about a thousand hits.

But a W is a W no matter how you get it.

Now Darvish is 7-0 against the Tigers. More important, the Rangers won the series, the Rangers have won eleven out of twelve, the Astros have lost three in a row.

The game was ugly. The game was beautiful.

That pretty much sums up baseball.