Dodgers win Game 1, 8-3.

After stealing second then third, Mookie Betts scores by eluding the tag of the Rays catcher.

The Dodgers are good.

That’s really not a surprise. They’ve won the National League West eight years in a row. They’ve won the National League pennant three out of the past four seasons.

Then they went and added Mookie Betts. That’s like if the old Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig-era New York Yankees were able to add Ted Williams.

This team does everything right. After watching the Rangers flail at hitting during the thankfully shortened season and complaining that their new ballpark is not offense friendly, it’s refreshing to see a team that can actually hit. A team that can actually create and sustain rallies. A team that can actually play baseball. In this “offensively challenged ballpark.”

It renews my faith in the game. Yes, one can argue that they spent a ton of money to get this team. But if money is all it takes to build a team like the Dodgers, then it’s possible. The Rangers have the money. What they don’t have is anyone who knows how to spend it.

So, you can’t blame Rangers ownership for not opening the check book. All they get for their money is losing teams. 

But after seeing so much three-outcome-offense being played out night after night in The Shed, it’s refreshing to see what a real offense can do. 

The Dodgers are good. The Rays are good too. But the Dodgers are a whole other level good.

And watching good baseball is a whole lot of fun.