It’s World Series time.

There’s no better time of the year than the World Series. This year is no different. But with it comes the sadness that this shortened season is about to be over. 

All we can do is hope it goes seven games. Because every game it goes is one day longer this season extends. And every day we have baseball is one less day we will have an off-season.

This coming off-season might be another long one. COVID isn’t going away. In fact, it’s coming back strong as ever. Who knows how many games they will play in 2021? Who knows if fans will be allowed in?

But that’s dwelling on the future. Let’s dwell on today.

The World Series starts today. And it’s in Arlington, Texas. As MLB Network Radio’s Jim Bowden said last night, this might be the only chance the Rangers get to show off their new ballpark to a national audience for a number of years, since, in his assessment, the team is far from competing and has a very weak farm system.

But that’s dwelling on the future. Let’s dwell on today.

For just the second time in twenty years, the best teams in each league will square off in the World Series. So, this really is the best against the best. And that’s all anyone can ask.

Both Championship Series went seven games. All we can hope is the World Series goes seven as well. 

Because more baseball is always better than less baseball.