Dodgers win Game 3, 6-2.

Dodgers starter Walker Buehler about to strike out his first of ten Rays hitters.

Okay so Charlie Morton proved he was human. He gave up five runs in his four innings. And Walker Buehler proved, once again, how wrong I usually am.

This is why they play these games. Morton had been a dead-lock winner in the post season. Buehler has been a Ranger. Totally unreliable.

But in Game 3, Buehler struck out ten in six innings, giving up just one run and three hits, none through the first four innings.

When he finally gave up his first run, the Dodgers had a 5-0 lead. It ended up 6-2. And the Dodgers took a 2-1 lead in the World Series by doing what they have done all year. Hit. 

Any Rangers fan in attendance are watching something they won’t see for a long long time. 


In a ballpark not known for being a hitters park. Only because they have no hitters.