Don’t worry about Semien.

Marcus Semien making the highlight reel in 2021, against the Rangers. Now Rangers fans are waiting for him to make is as a Ranger.

Marcus Semien is off to a rough start. To a team that is 2-8, Marcus Semien is the least of the Rangers worries.

It’s not as if a guy like Semien just suddenly forgot how to hit. He has been in the top three in MVP voting in the American League two of the past three years. He’s coming off a 45 home run, 102 RBI season. His 2019 season (ignoring the shortened, weird, dreadful, forgettable-for-everyone 2020 season) was just as dominating, with 33 home runs and 92 RBIs.

Semien will get it going. He hasn’t had a multi-hit game yet but it’s just a matter of time. The past few games it seems he is starting to get it back. He’s gotten a hit in four of his last five. He’s building it back up. 

It’s coming.

Yes, his average sits at just .142 and his OPS at just .410, with no home runs, but that just means when he breaks out, he is going to accumulate some wreckage along the way. Baseball players tend to play to the numbers on the back of their baseball cards. And right now, his numbers can only go up. 

The thirty-one-year-old right-handed slugger was a highlight reel last year. He has yet to make a highlight video in a Rangers uniform.

It’s coming.

His slow start is just that. A slow start. Ignore it. Nothing to see.

The pitching staff’s slow start, on the other hand, that is cause for real concern.