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Adrian Beltre launches two home runs against Oakland pitching on Saturday but it wasn’t enough, as the Rangers lose 8-6.


Eventually, you run out of places to hide Martin Perez. Under a rock under the deepest ocean floor on the planet furthest away from our solar system wouldn’t be far enough. But it would be a start.

Eventually, Adrian Beltre will stop performing at an elite level. But, it seems, no time in the foreseeable future. The guy has hit five home runs in the last seven days. If he’s going out, he’s going out in true Adrian Beltre style.

Eventually, the Rangers front office will develop pitching. They should be tearing down the new domed stadium for the new holographic stadium around that time.

Eventually, this core of Rangers youngsters will finish a season over .500. I predict in the near future this team breaks the all-time franchise record for runs scored. And for runs given up.

Eventually, the Rangers will value defense like the winning teams do. In the fifth inning of yesterday’s game, fans saw the difference between an organization that understands the value of defense and an organization that seems to be playing fantasy baseball with its players, where everyone can play everywhere. Oakland’s center fielder Ramon Laureano made one of the more impressive plays you will ever see to keep Rougned Odor from turning a double into a triple, and to keep Shin-Soo Choo from scoringn from first. In a nutshell (which, by the way, is a phrase you should never use around Mr. Peanut, apparently that’s offensive), defense is what wins games.

Eventually, Khris Davis will stop killing Rangers pitching. By all accounts, that should happen about the same time Jerry Jones builds a play-off bound team. Which means, when hell freezes over.

Eventually, this miserable 2018 season will put us all out of our misery and come to an end. And that will lead to an even greater misery: life without baseball. Proving once again the old axiom that states bad baseball beats any non-baseball every time.


Ariel Jurado (2-4, 6.00) vs. Trevor Cahill (6-3, 3.60)
Game time: 3:05

How the Rangers hit against Cahill.
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