Reality is here. 109 comments

Yovani Gallardo tries to find a place to hide after giving up his second home run of the game to Oakland in last night’s 8-4 loss.


Knock knock.

Who’s there?


Reality who?

Reality showed up for Yovani Gallardo.

(Wait a beat)

I don’t get it.

Get what?

How was that a knock knock joke?

It’s not a joke. It’s just that reality knocked on the door and Yovani Gallardo finally answered it. Last night he pitched 4.1 innings against Oakland and gave up five runs. Which is par for the Gallardo course but he has been the recipient a lot of offense in his Rangers starts. His ERA with Texas has been a hideous 5.40 yet his record had been 8-3 before last night.

In fourteen Rangers starts he has given up four or more runs seven times.  Yet he always seems to wiggle out with a win. He is auditioning for a starting role next year. Unfortunately, for this front office, Gallardo’s overall 2018 ERA of 6.22 is Kershaw-like.

On the night the Rangers were officially eliminated from the post-season, hopefully Gallardo eliminated himself from rotation talk next year.

If this team is going to be bad, let it be bad with guys who might someday have a future. Not with guys who will find success only if they find a DeLorean with a flux capacitor.

These back to the future guys are killing the Rangers present.


Yohander Mendez (1-1, 5.59) vs. Edwin Jackson (5-3, 2.91)
Game time: 3:05

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