Find a bat.

Frustration is the only consistency being generated by Rangers offense.

The Rangers have six starters on the I.L. The Rangers desperately need to make a trade. 

But it’s not for a starter or a reliever. The Rangers desperately need a bat. 

Texas has now reached the quarter mark of the season and they are in the weird position of having scored the most runs in the American League but struggling to score runs. They are one of the top hitting teams in the American League, but cannot hit consistently.

When it rains it pours. When they score, they really score. But too often, the offense is stuck in a drought. They just don’t have the deep lineup they had last year. Yes, the injury to Josh Jung has created a hole. But they have too many holes.

They went into the season counting on two rookies. It’s understandable given what Evan Carter did last year when he was called up. He saved the offense.

But, it was also unreasonable to expect that was repeatable. Yet, the Rangers expected he would hit the ground running and continue his assault on pitching. And, they figured, if he could do it, so could Wyatt Langford.

Neither happened. 

Add that to a prolonged slump from Corey Seager and Adolis Garcia, and the Rangers have too many holes in their offense.

They need a jumpstart. They need someone to come in and stir the offense. 

Watching the Rangers offense flail for three games in Coors Field should send a loud and clear message to the Rangers front office.

They need a bat. They need a hitter. They need a spark.