Michael Lorenzen’s brilliant one-hitter was wasted by an inept offense.

A friend had tickets to last night’s Rangers game but had to give them up because he had to go to his kid’s school’s spring concert. 

Having had five children go through the school system and  having had to attend more spring concerts than any one human should every be forced to attend, I had to declare, he was the lucky one.

I attended last night’s Rangers game. I would have rather attended a spring concert. Or a two-hour dance recital for five-year-olds. Or an amateur bowling tournament. A lecture on re-grouting. Or a screening of the three-hour bio-pic about Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel, the founder of diesel engine. Or a comprehensive explanation of the Kendrick Lamar-Drake feud.

I once had a guy try to explain the history of velcro to me for ninety minutes. That was more enjoyable.