Gallo and the rest.

This Texas Rangers team goes only as far as Joey Gallo takes it.

To say he is the offense is not an understatement. He is the only offensive weapon the Rangers have. Without him, each game is like entering a gun fight with a butter knife.

Thankfully, he has taken up where he left off when he was lost for the season last year before the All-Star Game.

With his three hits yesterday, one a game-breaking home runs, one a double, Gallo is batting .310 with an OPS of 1.153.

The next regular position player is Nick Solak, batting .217.

After eight games, here are the stats of the Rangers with enough at-bats to qualify as a regular:

It’s like Gallo is a grown man playing on a t-ball team.

While this might not be one of the Rangers banner seasons, at least Rangers fans have four at-bats to watch every game.