Let Lance Pitch.

Will Lance Lynn be the Rangers’ first Cy Young Award winner?

So far, it’s been one win per series. Two of those three wins are Lance Lynn starts. The Rangers need to get him as many starts as possible. And, keep him in games long enough that they don’t have to call on their bullpen.

Lance Lynn’s ERA is 0.00. That’s pretty good. In fact, in the history of baseball, nobody has had a lower ERA than that.

He won his first game 1-0. He left his second game with a 2-0 lead but, like a three-year-old on a road trip, the Rangers bullpen couldn’t it. The Rangers did eventually win the game.

The Rangers need to let Lynn go deeper into games. Because the more Lynn pitches, the less the Rangers bullpen has to.

Not only does Lance Lynn have the lowest ERA in baseball, Rangers starters have the second-lowest ERA in the American League. It’s 2.95. Cleveland’s brilliant rotation is only a tick better, at 2.57. If someone had been in a coma or traveling in outer space and just returned to see a Rangers rotation this dominating, they wouldn’t believe it.

What’s unbelievable, though, and not in a good way, is the Rangers bullpen. Always a Jon Daniels afterthought. Only one team in the American League, the hapless Seattle Mariners, has a worse bullpen than Texas, whose combined ERA is a bloated 5.67. The only relief the Rangers give is to the opposing team, finally thankful for a chance to comeback and win the game.

So, the solution is simple. If the Rangers have any chance of having a winning season, disconnect the bullpen phone.

Let Lance Pitch. Let Lance Pitch. That should be the battle cry for 2020 every time Chris Woodward counts to 100. Too bad there aren’t fans in the stands to let that be heard.


Lance Lynn (1-0, 0.00)  vs. Jesus Luzardo (0-0, 1.35)