Gallo the scout.

Add one more title to Joey Gallo’s resumé. Recruiter.

It seems he was responsible for the Rangers signing David Dahl. The two met while playing as teenagers, competing in a Team USA 18-and-under camp for a shot at the Pan American Championship games in 2011.

Gallo, a year older, saw in Dahl “an absolute stud” of a ballplayer. They became friends and staying in touch over the years. Both players ended up being picked in the first round of the 2012 draft. So, when Dahl became a free agent, Gallo jumped at the chance to get him in a Rangers uniform.

Yesterday, Chuck Morgan interviewed both players about their friendship and Dahl’s path to Texas.

Dahl already has a history in Arlington. He has the first hit, and first-extra base hit ever in the Rangers new ballpark, collecting those honors on opening day last season.

The Rangers have the potential of an All-Star caliber left fielder. He has all the tools, all the skills, all the capability of being one of the best players on the field.

All he needs to do is stay on the field.