Game 5:  Red Sox win. 67 comments

This one was effectively over after the third batter of the game. Steve Pearce, who would go on to win the World Series MVP, hit a two-run homer in the top of the first inning off hard luck Hall of Famer Clayton Kershaw to put the game away.

From that point, the Red Sox just had to record twenty-seven outs and they would win their fourth World Series championship in the last fifteen seasons.

The team that played under the Curse of the Bambino for eighty-six years is now the team of the century.

The team with the most wins in the season cruised through the playoffs, beating the Yankees three games to one, the Astros four games to one, and the Dodgers four games to one.

Of course, you can say that’s what you expect from the team with the highest payroll in baseball. So it comes down to one question: How much are you willing to invest to win it all?

Boston had a payroll of $218 million. For that they won 108 regular season games and a Worlds Series championship. And they have a core that can compete for years to come.

Texas had a payroll of 140.6 million. For that they won 67 games and finished in dead last in their division. And they have no hope for years to come.

It comes down to how far are you willing to go to win? But more than that, do you have what it takes to win?