Game 4:  Red Sox apply the dagger. 266 comments

Maybe it’s appropriate that it’s Halloween season and the Boston Red Sox offense is like the villain Michael Myers from the Halloween movies. You cannot kill him, no matter how many times you try.

It looked like the Red Sox were on the ropes yesterday. They lost that heart-breaking 18-inning game Friday, being shut out in the last five innings. And they couldn’t dent the plate in the first six innings of last night’s Game 4, managing just one lousy hit.

Down 4-0, it looked like the momentum was swinging to Los Angeles. But the Dodgers removed their dominating starter for the second game in a row and allowed the Red Sox the courtesy of getting back in it for the second game in a row.

Ex-Ranger Mitch Moreland took advantage of the Dodgers’ philanthropy and hit a three-run pinch hit home run to make it 4-3 and to breath life into the Red Sox. From there it was just a matter of paperwork. It was a done deal.

With Hill out of the game,  the Red Sox rose from the dead. Last night was textbook offense.

Hitting with two strikes, going the other way, power when it was needed, hitting with runners in scoring position, hitting with two outs.

Combined, the Dodgers starters in Games 3 and 4 pitched 13.1 innings, giving up three hits, all singles, striking out fourteen, and giving up just one run, which scored after Game 4’s starter Rich Hill had already left the game.

In the end, Boston turned a 4-0 deficit into a 9-4 lead, and hung on for a 9-6 win.

It was the kind of thing that restores your faith in baseball. Which is something I hope never is extinguished.

(Time listed is Eastern)