Glaring deficiencies.

The M.V.P. Awards in both leagues were announced yesterday. Interestingly, both were first baseman.

Jose Abreu from the White Sox. Freddie Freeman from the Braves.

All of this underscores the talent decencies the Rangers have in a position that is supposed to be about production.

As of now, their first baseman is Ronald Guzman. His defense is stellar. His offense is the other end of the spectrum.

Guzman is, at best, a late-inning defensive replacement. He absolutely has no business being up to bat against left-handed pitching. His career line of a .177 average, a .239 on-base-percentage, and a .556 OPS is deplorable. Against right-handers he is merely unspectacular, with a .249/.331/.783.

The Rangers got nine RBIs out of Guzman at first in 2020 and seven out of Todd Frazier. Jose Abreu drove in 60. Freddie Freeman, 53.

Both the White Sox and Braves made the playoffs.

It’s unfair to compare Guzman to the MVP winners but it does help to show how far off the Rangers are in the talent pool

Like at a posh hotel, the pool is shallow at both ends.