The Miami Marlins finally got their guy. And it was a woman. 

Yesterday, the first female general manager in North American sports was hired. And from all the talk, it was only about twenty years too late.

Kim Ng worked in front offices for twenty-one years, for the White Sox, as assistant GM for Yankees and as VP and assistant GM and farm director for the Dodgers. She’s worked for MLB since 2012.

This isn’t a quota hire. She is more than qualified. She has interviewed for GM jobs for years. Finally, someone had the guts to hire her.

In the week when the United States elected its first female to the White House, this news is an exclamation point on an important diversity statement. Especially for a guy like me who has a mom, three sisters, a wife, and five daughters.

This shouldn’t be a big deal. But it is.

When you look around baseball and see how many mediocre general managers there are, and you look at the hiring of Kim Ng, you say she certainly can’t be worse than half of her male colleagues.

One in particular comes to mind.

Congratulations to Kim Ng. Are you interested in an overpaid, broken down second-baseman?