Glaring deficiencies. 91 comments

Lance Lynn pitched well but his team could only scrape together two singles in a 3-0 loss to Houston.


Sometimes you have the reality shoved in your face. It’s not pretty and it’s not subtle. And it hurts.

But the reality is the Texas Rangers have a Grand Canyon-sized gap in talent to make up before they can be competitive with the Houston Astros, or with the best in the American League.

It’s not happening any time soon. Not until Altuve and Bregman and Springer and Brantley and Reddick and Correa and Verlander and Cole retire or move on.

This is like watching one of those games they have in spring training where the big club plays one of its farm teams. Only difference is, that’s usually for fun and usually a showcase.

Watching the talent gap the Rangers are lacking is not fun. But it does showcase how far they have to go.

The Rangers have a boatload of talent in the system, on its way, we are told. They have always seemed to have talent in the system. On its way. It’s always two years away. It’s coming. Be patient. Here it is. Oh, wait, no, it got lost. Hold on, more on its way. Just wait. Two more years.

Eventually the talent has to start materializing.

Because Odor and Guzman and Mazara and Gallo and Kiner-Falefa are absolutely no match for what the elite teams in the American League have to offer.

Time to get a new batch of talent.


Jesse Chavez (0-1 7.27) vs. Gerrit Cole (3-4, 4.17)
Game time: 7:10