Too much Smyly. 67 comments

Hunter Pence gave the Rangers a brief 1-0 lead with a home run in the second. Then Drew Smyly entered the game.


It’s hard to hide Drew Smyly.

Sure, the Rangers can get someone to open for him. And, sure, they can bring in some pitchers to take over for him.

But eventually, Drew Smyly has to take the mound. There’s no getting around those innings, unless, of course, they just don’t pitch him at all. That’s not an option, though, because they have no other options. The Rangers are finding out that their options aren’t the greatest when it comes to non-Drew Smyly pitchers either.

So every fifth day, it’s Drew Smyly’s turn, whether they want that or not. And, seeing that they let the guy pitch so few innings when it’s actually his turn, they don’t really want him out there either.

Smyly has now started, or whatever they call it when he’s being opened for, in six games this year. The Rangers are 1-5 in those games. He’s lasted three innings, three innings, five innings, three and two-thirds innings, four innings and, last night, four and two-thirds.

So even when he starts he is basically just the opener for the parade of relievers that inevitably have to follow.

Most nights it’s a clown parade.

Smyly was going well for while, which usually happens. But Drew Smyly eventually catches up with Drew Smyly. It happened last night in the sixth. With his team trailing 2-1, he walked the bases loaded. His night was over, but his bar tab wasn’t closed.

Kyle Dowdy gave up a grand slam to the first batter he faced and it was all over. To prove it wasn’t a fluke, Dowdy gave up three more runs of his own the next inning.

By the time the Astros stopped running around the bases, it was 11-4. The Rangers have dropped the first three of the four-game series. And they run out Adrian Sampson today.

Next time through the rotation, the Rangers would do better by having someone open for, close for and actually pitch for Drew Smyly. Keep him in the dugout where it’s safer for everyone.


Adrian Sampson (0-2, 4.41) vs. Corbin Martin (—, -.–)
Game time: 71:10