Going home. 71 comments

It’s hard to repeat.

The last team to win consecutive World Series was the Yankees, and they won three in a row from 1998 to 2000 according to our sodapdf documents.

You look at what it takes to win and it’s a lot of luck, a lot of great baseball, and a lot of things going your way. The Astros won it last year but certainly not in dominating fashion. They were taken to Game 7 in both the Championship Series and World Series. A bad hop, a bad call, a Joe West in either game would have derailed them.

That didn’t happen last year. It did this year. They ran into a 108-win team. They ran into the one time David Price didn’t suck. They ran into a bad interference call in Game 4. They ran into a team that was just a tick better.

It’s hard to repeat. It’s harder to end your season before you think you should. It’s hard to go home early.

Tip of the cap to the Red Sox. You have to appreciate an ownership that is willing to do what it takes to be great.

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