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There will be a Game 7. If I were a fan of either team, I would have wanted this series to go no longer than four games. Life is too short to deal with that sort of stress.

But because I am not a Dodgers fan or a Brewers fan, I am glad to see a one-game shootout for all the marbles.

You have to give the Brewers their props. Down three games to two, down a run after a leadoff home run by every Ranger fan’s most hated player, David Freese, the Brewers responded in epic fashion. They put up a four-spot in the bottom of the first and cruised to a Game 6 win.

Now it comes down to one game. And when that happens, it’s really a crap shoot. Someone’s entire season might come down to a missed third strike. A passed ball. A bad hop. A bad call by an umpire. Something totally random.

There will be a lot of shedding of tears in Los Angeles or Milwaukee. But one man’s misery is another man’s entertainment.

Let’s hope for a great game. Maybe even extra innings.

Let’s hope for drama.

Let’s hope this series doesn’t get derailed by a bad call from a fat, lazy umpire.

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