Going to the show. 47 comments

A moment of joy captured for eternity.


Texas bats have come alive just as Texas Live is coming alive. Tuesday the Rangers unveiled a statue of Benjie Molina’s huge emotional embrace of Neftali Feliz after Feliz struck out Alex Rodrigues to send the Texas Rangers to the World Series for the first time ever.

The long-suffering franchise finally found joy. (Joy was here, I promise.)

They named the statue, “Going to the Show. And Benjie Molina himself was on hand to unveil it. While he recalled the excitement of the entire team mobbing each other on the field, he said he didn’t get to see many of his teammates celebrating “because I was down in the pile getting hurt but it was awesome.”

World renown sculptor Harry Weber designed the sculpture, saying that he wanted to capture “the joy on Benjie’s face and the triumph on Neftali’s face, and them getting up in the air.” It’s a celebration of the sheer joy of celebrating sports.

The statue is on display at what will be the north entrance to the new Ballpark. A few bars and restaurants will open soon in Texas Live, what they have named the area they are developing around the new Ballpark.

Here’s hoping some day in our lifetimes Rangers fans will see a companion statue, “Winning it All.”

One can dream.


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