Learning curves. 74 comments


This is what you expect from a young pitcher. Some good games, some not so good.

Predictably unpredictable.

Ariel Jurado’s first start was against the Chicago White Sox, one of four teams in the American League worse than the Rangers.

He lost that one.

Then he pitched against the Astros. The second-best team in baseball.

He won.

He beat the Orioles, the very worst team in baseball and one of the worst of all time.

Beating the good teams, losing to the bad teams. It’s all part of the maturation process. Which made it hard to handicap how he would fare against the Yankees. In New York. In Yankee Stadium.

Far greater and far more accomplished pitchers have been spooked by the ghosts of the Bronx bombers.

Unfortunately, last night was a downward part of the learning curve. The Yankees feasted on Jurado.

Six runs in five innings. Four home runs in five innings.

Moving his ERA to a very Rangers-like 5.66.

Still, on a team that develops pitching with the frequency of Haley’s Comet on a blue moon in leap year, Jurado is a breath of fresh air. Even if at times it’s New York subway air.

He’s all we have. Let’s hope he grows into a good one.


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