Handy word reference.

Chances are, if you are visiting this site, you are a Rangers fan. Or a masochist. There is a good likelihood you have friends who are not. They are easy to spot. They seem happy.

When running into those friends, they often ask the most innocent of questions. “How are the Rangers doing this year?”

Often that question is asked at a party or in the company of gentle society. To say what you really mean would be frowned on. Cursing and salty language often is.

So, you are probably running out of safe words to describe them. As a public service, Rangers Rounding 3rd has compiled a handy list of words to describe Jon Daniels’s 2021 Texas Rangers. Note, this list is not complete. Also note, this list contains no swear words. Feel free to add those in as handy adjectives, or just by themselves. But only where appropriate. 

For your convenience: