Laughing stock.

The complete Texas Rangers 2021 highlight reel.

Yes, the Jon Daniels Rangers have lost thirteen road games in a row, dropping their road record to a pitiful 13-42. 

But, there was a silver lining. After twenty-one games in a row without doing so, the Rangers scored a run in the first. Not just one, but two. It was an offensive onslaught.

Okay, it wasn’t really a silver lining. It was more like a badge of dishonor. In typical Rangers fashion, it will be followed up by something even more shameful, though.

The Rangers are dead last in team OPS. Out of thirty teams. Dead last in on-base percentage. Second to last in batting average (by one percentage point). All across the board, they are at or near the bottom in every offensive category.

The fact that it’s noteworthy this team scored a run in the first is sad. Sadder is the state of the rotation. The Rangers had a rare lead that was hard to overcome Drew Anderson. In his previous twelve games spread over four seasons, Anderson had started just once. That game he threw five innings and gave up four earned runs.  

His second start yesterday was not as good. After pitching two scoreless, he was unable to retire any of the five batters he faced in the third. In the end, he was charged with five earned runs in two innings. By the time the inning was over, the Jon Daniels’ were down 7-2. Then 10-2 the next inning. Then 12-2 the inning after that. 

It got so bad Brock Holt had to come in and pitch. His 31-mile-per-hour fastball for a strike was the slowest pitch recorded for a strike since they started doing that sort of thing.

That pitch vent viral. 

Yes, it was funny. Yes, the Rangers could use comic relief anywhere they can get it. The sad thing is, though, that the only Rangers highlight for 2021 will be a Brock Holt mound appearance. A joke. 

The Rangers are a joke.