Happy playoff day.

Braves star Ronald Acuña Jr decides to watch intend of run and ends up with only a single instead of extra bases in a critical situation the eighth inning of his team’s loss.

Other than opening day, today is the best baseball day of the season. Four playoff games in one day. 

For baseball fans, it’s like Christmas in October.

Maybe one day one of those playoff teams could be the Texas Rangers. In the Jon Daniels regime, this is now the second time the team has gone three years in a row without a playoff appearance.

The team has been streaky. The Rangers didn’t make post-season baseball in 2007, 2008, or 2009.

Then two bad years. Then two good years. Now three bad years again. With no relief in sight other than a roof.

As Kevin Sherrington pointed out in the Dallas Morning News yesterday, and Evan Grant the day before, this team has a long walk in the wilderness ahead of it before it finds glory again. They simply have too much to make up and too little talent in the pipeline to get there.

So, Rangers fans, enjoy playoff baseball with players not wearing Rangers jerseys. Get used to it.

It will only make it sweeter when it finally happens.


Tyler Glasnow vs. Justin Verlander
Game time: 1:05 on FS1

Jack Flaherty vs. Mike Foltynewicz
Game time: 3:37 on TBS

Jose Berrios vs. James Paxton
Game time: 6:07 on MLB TV

Stephen Strasburg vs. Clayton Kershaw
Game time: 8:37 on TBS