Happy spending.

Five new uniforms.

Five? Really?

A primary home uniform for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday home games.

An alternate uniform to wear only for Friday home games. 

An alternate uniform to wear only for Sunday home games.

A primary road uniform.

An alternate road uniform for special road games.

Why on Earth would the Rangers introduce five new uniform designs, six if you include spring training? With new hats, new jerseys, new everything?

Because the new Ballpark will have new gift shops. 

Look, change is exciting. New is good. New is fun. But five new uniforms is silly. 

The Yankees have had the same uniform forever. So have the Dodgers. And they don’t have alternatives and sub-alternatives and that sort of nonsense. What they have instead is a rich legacy of winning.

The Rangers have white jerseys, gray jerseys, red jerseys, blue jerseys, and powder blue jerseys.

They have blue hats with a white T. Red hats with a white T. Powder blue hats with a white T. And red hats with a white TX.

Announced just in time for the holidays. Happy spending.