Hat trick for Guzman. 71 comments

Ronald Guzman lines up to hit the first of three home runs.


This could be a good team.

It’s young so it can be not so good from time to time. But this offense could be very good.

This team put up double digits again. Twelve runs. Off the Yankees. The New York Yankees. Six of those off the Yankees bullpen, which has already been declared best ever.

But one of the great things about youth might be the ability to not be intimidated. Ronald Guzman certainly wasn’t.

He is quickly making himself the one the fear.

Ronald Guzman has hit at every level he’s been at. So, playing at the major league level doesn’t freak him out.

Three home runs last night. With his father in attendance watching him.

You can’t get any more special than that.

This offense has the ability to be special.

If only this team had pitching.


Drew Hutchison (1-2, 6.29) vs. Lance Lynn (8-8, 4.58)
Game time: 12:05

How the Rangers hit against Lynn.
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