Have they played this game before?

The Texas sinkhole has no engulfed the baseball team residing in Arlington, Texas.

Sometimes you wonder if they’ve ever played before.

A throw Lowe couldn’t catch at first in the second followed by a caught stealing that instead of ending up actually catching the runner stealing ends up with the throw sailing into the outfield. All of which ends up with two runs Philadelphia runs scoring.

A soft toss to get an out at second that Marcus Semien ducked his head away from, not realizing it was coming to him, and it ended rolling into the outfield.

A wild pitch that was really a passed ball that Heim should have caught.

Walks, walks, walks, and more walks.

A ball falling in front of Taveras that should have easily been caught but instead ends up scoring two more.

A first-pitch three-run-homer allowed by alleged “relief” pitcher Jonathan Hernandez.

In all, six walks, four errors, bad base running, and eleven runs given up. All of which led Cory Seager to say after the game, “We’re better than this.”

Are you? Prove it.