Rangers are lucky.

Here’s one way to look at this recent freefall the Rangers are in.

They’ve won two of their last twelve games. They lost their last four series, being swept in two of them. They cannot hit. Their defense has been horrid. Their bullpen is the worst in baseball. They’ve lost four games in a row to fall three games under .500.

Yet, they are only three games out of first. And in second place

How lucky can they get? Fortunately for the Rangers, they are in the worst division in baseball.

At 24-27, the Rangers, if they were in the American League East, would be buried, ten games back, in fourth place, and just a half game from being in last.

If they were in the American League Central, they would be buried, 9.5 games back, in fourth place.

But they are in the American League West, which has been owned by the Houston Astros for more than half a decade. The Astros are just a game-and-a-half behind the Rangers, on their way up after a dismal start. 

The Rangers are headed in the opposite direction. But still within striking distance.

Thank the baseball god for the A.L. West. Otherwise, it would be lights out in May.