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This one was over early, after Wandy Rodriguez gave up a game crushing grand slam in the first.


The law of averages always averages out. Especially for someone as average as Wandy Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is an average pitcher. After last night’s thrashing by the woodshed, his career record is 95-97, with an ERA of 4.06.

He has never been an All-Star. Has never gotten a Cy Young vote. Has never been anything other than twice he won two more games than he lost (14-12 in 2009 and 6-4 in 2013).

He is the very definition of mediocre.

So for all the two-run games he has, an eight run game is lurking. Like last night. He was due. He is always due.

Rodriguez didn’t come to the Rangers as an ace or a savior or anything other than a hope and a prayer after Holland went down for the season.

The fact that he has won four games with the Rangers has been a stroke of luck.

It’s not a coincidence that his ERA with the Rangers this season after twelve games is a mirror image of his career ERA after 270 games: 4.06.

When you are a 4.06 pitcher, baseball has a way of reminding you. And all of us.