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Mitch Moreland’s three hits, including a solo home run in the fourth, weren’t enough for the Rangers.


After yesterday’s 6-3 loss, I heard an interesting fact: The Rangers have scored three runs or fewer in 52% of their games. They have scored two runs or fewer in 36% of their games.

So, that got me thinking, Okay, so what? How does it stack up against other teams?

So I checked the other four teams in the AL West. Then, I checked how each team did on the other end of the ball. Giving up runs.

While scoring three runs or fewer in 52% of their games sounds like a lot, the Rangers are in the middle of the pack in the AL West in that regard. And the are second out of five in the AL West in percentage of games giving up three runs or fewer.

Below are the charts for each.


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Oakland just swept the Rangers at home. But Oakland has scored the most runs in the AL West, has the highest batting average in the division, the best ERA and have allowed the second fewest runs in the AL West to LA.

Yet somehow Oakland is the last place team in the division? Every year Oakland makes a run right about now, and it looks like, with five wins in a row, they are making their charge.

The Rangers, on the other hand, seem to be statistically right in the middle of the pack in the AL West, which is, no surprisingly, where they find themselves today, tied with LA for second behind the Astros.

Texas has the third highest batting average in the division (behind Oakland and Houston), scored the third most runs, have the fourth best team ERA (only Seattle is worse) and have allowed the most runs in the division.

The next few weeks are going to be critical. Sure five losses in a row sting, but every season has ebbs and flows and ups and downs. Once they get a few offensive pieces back, then they can determine who they really are.