Here we go again.

“Where and when.”

That became the rallying cry from the players union after the last proposal from owners. It’s time to get back to playing. Just tell us where and when.

Suddenly, they seized the PR ball. They were ready to get back to work but those darn owners weren’t.

Poor players. Why was ownership so hard on them? They just want to play.

Except, they don’t.

After Rob Manfred declared yesterday they had the framework agreed upon for a deal because he sat down with union head Tony Clark and hammered it out, after saying they were ready to start and naming where and when, suddenly the players are like, wait, hang on.

You need a scorecard to keep track of who is to blame here.

One day after doing victory laps by calling the owners bluff to cancel the season, now it’s the players who have their tails between their legs. They dared owners to get the season started. Owners did. And they offered the players exactly what they were asking.

Now, that’s not good enough.