Hitting pause.

Writing a daily Rangers blog here at RangersRounding3rd has been a labor of love (mostly) these last ten years.

I took over this blog from Twig in the middle of 2014, which was a miserable year to be a Rangers fan. Texas finished in last, lost 95 games, and lost Ron Washington to a scandal.

It culminated with the improbable: the Rangers winning the 2023 World Series.

Yes, the Rangers, the Texas Rangers, were World Champs.

What’s been even more wonderful than writing about the ups and downs of this team are the friendships forged along the way on this site. Perfect strangers coming together over a shared love of the Rangers. 

Perfect strangers I can now count as dear friends. I truly appreciate your support all these years.

Right now, though, I am going to have to put my daily blogs on pause. Two weeks ago, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of adenoid cystic carcinoma, cancer of the saliva glands. I go in for surgery Wednesday. I’ll be in the hospital for about a week, then back home on the road to recovery, including radiation and all that fun stuff.

The good news is, we caught it in time. We are getting ahead of it. And I’ll be back here at RR3 as soon as I can.

This is a pause on the field for further review, a rain delay, a mound visit, a break in the action.

But just because I am on the I.L. doesn’t mean the Rangers talk has to start. Just keep the comments going on this page. Maybe the Rangers can turn it around and start heading back in the right direction.

Thanks for stopping by the last ten years. Thanks for the humor, the candor, the frustration, the elation. Thank you for being a friend.

We’ll talk soon. And start up again for the next ten years.