Dirty dozen.

Wyatt Langford might just be getting hot at the right time.

The good news is, the Rangers finally scored more than two runs in a game on Sunday.

The bad news is, the easy part of the schedule is over. The Rangers have three in LA against the Dodgers then three in Seattle, come home for three against the Mets, then three against the Royals. 

The next dozen games will pretty much seal the fate of this season. If the Rangers go just 6-6, that will be more than fans can expect. That would mean the team is playing .500 baseball, which is better than what it is currently doing. 

By that time, Josh Jung should be back, and should be starting to get his stroke back. Max Scherzer should be back, and might be able to toss more than 40 pitches per inning.

These next twelve games will be important.

The Dodgers are leading the N.L. West, the Mariners the A.L. West, and the Royals are in second in the A.L. Central, one of the real suprises in baseball.

Only the Mets series gives the Rangers any real respite. But it’s at home, where the Rangers struggle to win and score. 

The Rangers can turn their season around the next twelve games, climb back into the relevance, and made a difference.

Or, they can go 4-8 and limp into the dog days of summer dog tired.