Hollywood Todd.

Newly acquired Ranger Todd Frazier.

The Rangers are getting a decent corner infielder. They are getting an even better actor.

Todd Frazier is now a Texas Rangers after agreeing to a two-year deal. It’s one year with a club option. He will make $3.5 million in 2020 and, if the Rangers choose to keep him, $5.75 in 2021. If they don’t, he gets $1.5 million anyway.

The right-handed hitting Frazier will be 34 next month and is a nine-year veteran corner infielder, manning third mostly.

He was named to the All-Star team twice with Cincinnati, and was third in Rookie of the Year voting with the Reds in 2012. Frazier averages 29 home runs and 85 RBIs per season, with a career .770 OPS and 108 OPS+. According to Baseball-Reference, the player he is most similar offensively is former Ranger Pete Incaviglia.

Frazier had a respectable 2019 at the plate but his most noteworthy day came on defense in Dodger Stadium.

When LA outfielder Alex Verdugo hit a pop up that came down in the first row of the stands, Frazier dove for it. It landed in his glove, he landed in the front row, and the ball jarred out of his glove. 

But the umpire didn’t see it.

There just so happened to be a fan sitting in the front row who brought a rubber ball to Dodger Stadium. Acting quickly, before the umpire could get over there, Frazier grabbed the rubber ball, stood, held up the rubber ball in the air to show he “caught it” and got the out call.

Dodgers fans in the front row saw what Frazier had done and desperately tried to get the umpire’s attention. 

But Frazier played it cool. He jogged back onto the field then casually tossed the “souvenir” back into the stands. Basically, returning the fan’s rubber ball back to him.

After the game, he admitted what he had done, saying, “It’s Hollywood, so sometimes you have to act out a little bit.”

You can see the video here.

Welcome to Texas, Todd. The Rangers could use a character to liven things up. Here’s hoping an Oscar isn’t the only award you win as a Ranger.