So, you think your team has problems? 

Sure, the Rangers haven’t been relevant for three seasons, and won’t be for at least a three more in the future.

Sure, the Rangers have been one of the least successful at drafting over the past 13 seasons.

Sure, the Rangers have one of the lowest ranked farm systems in all of baseball.

But, at least we aren’t the Astros. Or the Red Sox. 

Both teams are just one month away from spring training. Both teams are in a state of chaos.

Houston lost its manager and general manager yesterday because of the cheating scandal. Boston is about to lose its manager for the same reason. Only worse.

So many Houston Astros fans are panicking. But, why? While all the talking heads on MLB TV and MLB Radio have thrown the dirt on Houston’s 2020 chances, the fact remains that it is still, beyond all its hardhips, the best team in major league baseball. 

They just happen to lack a general manager with integrity.

The Rangers? They lack a general manager with the ability to identify talent.

Every team has its challenges.