Home warriors.

Joey Gallo lays down the perfect bunt against the shift to get a gift hit and a gift RBI.

The Rangers scored just two runs last night. On the road. Where they are supposedly so much better offensively. Even their manager thinks that. 

After losing two of three at home against Baltimore, with the only win being 1-0, in a three-game series where they scored just four runs, Rangers manager Chris Woodward commented on the team’s home situation.

“We’ve got to have better at-bats, hit better in this ballpark,” Woodward lamented. “I don’t think we hit here last year. It’s something we have to figure out.”

So, how bad was the Rangers offense at home last season?

The Rangers batted just .230 at home in 2020. That’s not great until you realize they hit .205 on the road. Here were their home/road splits from Baseball-Reference.com.

They scored more runs, got more hits, struck out fewer times, walked more, and had a higher batting average, on-base percentage and slugging percentage at home.

About all they did better on the road is hit more home runs.

So, this team really cannot hit at home. But they are worse on the road. Last year proved it’s not the ballpark. That idea is just in their heads. From the manager on down.