Center of attention.

Adolis Garcia’s three-run homer catapulted the Rangers to a 6-4 win over the Angels.

For once it was the Rangers scoring late. It was the Rangers getting to the other team’s bullpen. 

It feels great.

And the credit goes to new Rangers hero Adolis Garcia, who seems to be making highlights every time he plays, which is more and more of late.

His three-run homer in the eighth inning turned a 3-1 deficit into a 4-3 lead, and the Rangers never looked back from there.

The knock against Garcia coming into the season was he was undisciplined at the plate. But he has shown the ability to refrain from chasing lately, and that’s paid off in big hits.

Even though he was DHing yesterday, he seems to be more than capable of holding his own in center. Maybe, just maybe, the Rangers revolving door in center field can finally end.

They desperately wanted Leody Taveras to be that guy. Just like they desperately wanted Delino DeShields before him. And Leonys Martin before him. And Carlos Gomez before him. And Ian Desmond before him. And Leonys Martin before him. And Julio Borbon before him. 

The past ten years have not been kind to the Rangers center fielders. 

But Adolis Garcia brings energy and joy with him in everything he does. And game-winning hits.

It’s too early to anoint him the center fielder of the future for the Rangers. After all, it’s a job that has all the life expectancy of a sand castle at high tide.

But it is refreshing to watch someone new. Someone who is making an impact. The Rangers don’t usually have that.