On his 26th birthday, Spencer Howard had the best start of his life, beating the Angels 2-0.

It’s been said before and it bears repeating again. Baseball makes no sense.

One of the worst starters in Texas Rangers history (and that’s saying something) goes up against one of the biggest stories in baseball history, a guy who’s actually having a better pitching season this year than his magical MVP season last year.

Of course, Spencer Howard comes away the winner. Why not? Baseball makes no sense.

The Angels were still reeling from yesterday’s news that Mike Trout, their best player, the best player in baseball, the best player of this generation, has a rare spine disease. He has been experiencing back troubles that have kept him out of the lineup for stretches this season, that have landed him on the IL, and that are going to have a serious impact on the rest of his career.

News like that can put a pall over any clubhouse.

That being the case, Spencer Howard had his best start ever. He blanked the Angels over five innings, striking out five, giving up just three hits, walking none.

Rangers manager Chris Woodward knew enough to take Howard out after five innings. Spencer Howard has never recorded an out past the fifth inning of any start. Up 2-0, they didn’t want to give him the chance to prove he could that that yesterday. Or, to show he couldn’t do it.

Luckily, the Rangers bullpen held. The Angels bats were still in shock from the Mike Trout news. And Texas shutout Los Angeles 2-0.

Spencer Howard earned the W. Shohei Ohtani got the L.

It was the most lopsided pitching matchup since the journeyman Austin Bibens-Dirkx outdueled future Hall of Famer Max Scherzer, walking away with the most surprising of victories.

Because the only thing that makes sense in all of this is the fact that baseball makes no sense.