It’s a start. 14 comments

Spring training stats mean nothing. Especially early spring. But it was nice to see Jurickson Profar get a single. He is going to stick around, so he might as well be serviceable.

So far he has been dreadful as a major leaguer in four seasons.

Batting average: .176, .234, .239, .207.

Slugging percentage: .471, .336, .338, and an abysmal .207.

Joey Gallo was suffering the same fate before he stepped up his game and made himself a major leaguer last season.

Here’s hoping Profar can do the same thing.

This spring is about only a few things. One of them is seeing what Jurickson Profar is.

One game is a far cry from anything. But respectability has to start somewhere. Might as well start here and now.