It’s nothing. 351 comments

Nothing is rarely nothing.

Anthony Ranaudo, who had a good chance to crack the Rangers rotation that, as of today consists of Yovani Gallardo and Colby Lewis and a lot of hoping and praying, left yesterday’s Spring Training game against the White Sox with elbow discomfort.

That discomfort was felt all the way into the Rangers front office.

After the game, Ranaudo gave the customary response of “It’s nothing.”

“It’s nothing” is the kiss of death. Just as “He is our manager” is always spoken just moments before that manager is fired.

Nothing is the leading cause of season-ending surgery in baseball.

Ranaudo said he fully expects to be ready for his next start. Let’s hope so. That start will be in about eighteen months after Tommy John surgery and lenghty rehab at the Aesthetic Surgery Center. So, eighteen months of rehab should be plenty of time for him to get ready for his next start.

That’s nothing.