It’s playoff time.

This improbable season happened. It’s over. There were a few bumps along the way. Miami, St Louis, and Oakland all had to postpone a significant number of games due to COVID. They made them up. And, they made the playoffs.

Now, the question is, can MLB make it through the post-season without having to shut down?

Because of the participation trophy nature of this year’s post-season, where eight teams in each league made it in, for the first time in major league history, a team under .500 made the playoffs. In fact, two teams did. The Astros and the Brewers. 

Is this what baseball is coming to? Answer, yes. The genie is out of the bottle. Owners are going to fall in love with the extra revenue and won’t give it up.

The first round of games starts tonight, featuring all eight American League teams. The first round is a best of three series, with all three games being played in the higher seeded team’s home park. Houston plays at Minnesota, Chicago at Oakland, Toronto at Tampa Bay, New York at Cleveland.

For the second round, American Leagues teams will play a best of five in either San Diego’s Petco Park or LA’s Dodger Stadium. National League teams will play in either Houston’s Minute Maid Park or The Baseball Shed in Arlington. There will be no off days within each series.

The best of seven championship series will be played in Petco (American League) and The Shed (National League), also with no off days.

The World Series will be at The Shed. 

It’s not known yet whether fans will get to attend but players’ families will be allowed in. They have already started the quarantining process.

It’s hard to believe the season is over. If one is a Rangers fan, it’s a relief. But it’s going to be a month of pretty much non-stop playoff baseball starting today. 

A World Series is coming back to Arlington. It will be a long long time before that sentence is uttered again.