Just win two.

It’s a clean slate. The Rangers start over today having to win two of their next three. 

On paper, it seems impossible. They have no bullpen. No team that has blown more than half its save opportunities has ever made the postseason. In fact, only one team in the entire history of major league baseball has finished above .500, the 1971 Yankees who finished 82-80.

They have a Jekyll and Hyde offense. They put up the best offensive numbers in baseball but simply cannot score after the sixth inning. Only one time this entire season did they win a game after trailing in the ninth. And only one other time did they win a game after trailing in the seventh or later.

The 2023 Texas Rangers lack the clutch gene. When you combine that with the fact that they cannot prevent scoring after the seventh inning, you wonder how they even made it this far.

They have no chance, right?

Of course they do.

To find a playoff team that made it to the World Series, though, you have to look all the way back to last year when the Phillies surprised everyone by being the last team to qualify for the playoffs, then riding their magic to the World Series.

The Rangers can do that. If the offense shows up. 

Wild card teams regularly make it to the World Series. They win sometimes. So, the idea that the Rangers are done is a fallacy.  

It’s been seven years since the Rangers made it this far. The last six dark, miserable, Jon-Daniels-infused seasons are behind us. The Chris Young era is here. Let’s hope the Rangers fortunes change. It’s a new season. 

All they have to do is what they were not able to do in Seattle. Just win two.


Playoff predictions:

American League: Blue Jays over the Twins. Rangers over the Rays. Astros over the Blue Jays. Orioles over the Rangers. Astros over the Orioles.

National League: Brewers over the Diamondbacks. Phillies over the Marlins. Dodgers over the Brewers. Braves over the Phillies. Braves over the Dodgers.

Braves over the Astros in the World Series.