Leaving Arizona. 161 comments

Six days ago, Cole Hamels had a bad start and the entire rotation was collapsing around us. It was chaos.

Yesterday, Cole Hamels had a good start and the Rangers are heading to the World Series.

It’s everything I love and everything I hate about spring training in one.

Fortunately, now Arizona is over.

Now they come to Arlington. To the Ballpark.

Now they have two more tune-ups with the Indians, Friday and Saturday.

Then the silliness ends and baseball begins.

Then closers don’t come into a game in the third inning. Guys not named Beltre don’t start at third. A lucky fan of the day’s name isn’t drawn from a hat to pitch the ninth. Umpires wear pants. And, hopefully, the Rangers won’t have an inning with at least four unearned runs as they did six times this spring.

That last one, though, just might happen.

Come on, Monday morning, get here as fast as you can.