Looking for answers.

Baseball gets back to normal. Well, at least as normal as spring training baseball can get.

But no more shortened games. All games will go nine innings, unless there’s rain or something weird.

No more bailing out of an inning because your pitcher was so bad he reached a pitch limit before getting even three outs.

Those silly rules, which were instituted to keep the amount of pitchers required to travel due to COVID, were lifted yesterday.

And since the Rangers have an off-day today, they will be playing a closer semblance of baseball from here on out.

The next two weeks will be a lot more interesting as competition heats up. Who wins the first base job? Will they fall for the Odor mirage again? Who wins the center field job? Will Gallo’s tweaks at the plate translate in the regular season? How does the rotation take shape? Does Khris Davis have a place? What does Andy Ibañez have to do to be a big leaguer?  

The next two weeks will be about answers.