Long overdue.

With two more hits, including his 4th home run, Nick Solak is batting .360 with an OPS of 1.073. It shouldn’t be this easy.

So, how was your team’s trade deadline? My team’s was phenomenal.

Jon Daniels has taken a lot of heat in the past for his deadline deals. And, most of it is warranted. 

So, when he nails it, he deserves to be congratulated for it. He so seldom gets praise.

But Kolby Allard and Nick Solack have demonstrated the kind of promise on the mound and in at the plate that the Rangers have not seen in quite a while.

The last offensive prospect of worth to come along was Joey Gallo, and that only came into fruition this year. Before that, you have to go to 2010 and Elvis Andrus. 

That’s a lot of dead space. 

The last starting pitching prospect of worth to come along was— Was? Was?

Chi Chi Gonzalez. And his shine dimmed after four games.

The law of averages finally averaged out for the Rangers. 

About time.



Chris Bassitt (10-5, 3.64) vs. Brock Burke (0-1, 3.52)

Game time: 7:05